The Number 2

cake 2It has been a funny old day.

Started pretty normal. Got up, dropped son at nursery, went to work.

After lunch, my husband and I returned to that darkened room.  The confirmation scan.  Scan number 2.  The one to officially tell us that our Little Pea (our pregnancy number 2) has definitely departed this world.

It was surprisingly ok.  We had already gone through the processes of accepting what had happened so there were no shocks.  The midwife showed us pictures of my ovaries and the little follicles getting ready to pop and release eggs.  There was one on the right side which was larger than the rest.  The potential of new life about to reach maturity.  I wondered if that follicle could be the beginning of our next child.

We left the darkened room and came out into a day which had started gloomy but which was due to get brighter.

The focus shifted.  The sun was shining.

Our son is going to be 2 tomorrow.

In fact 2 years ago today I went into labour; 16 hours of work in order to bring our boy into the world.

I don’t care what the weather is like tomorrow.  Because for me, tomorrow is going to be a sunny day.


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